If you are diagnosed with burnout, treatment often starts. WIth this, we want to solve burnout as quickly and effectively as possible. There are different ways of solving a burnout or to reduce symptoms of it. This article sums up the main possible solutions for burnout.

Solutions for burnout: treating burnout yourself

Of course you do not always need to or are able to get professional help when it comes to treating burnout. In lighter types you can try to do it yourself, too. This is therefore one of the possible solutions for burnout. After discussing it with your doctor, you can then take a break for yourself where you rest your body and mind as much as they need. Then you re-build your stress immunity step by step. This way you are ready to take on your return to  your job again. In this phase it is useful to listen to your body as much as you can. It will namely let you know what you can do and what is still difficult. Remember that burnout developed from overstrain. It therefore is important not to strain yourself too much for a second time.

Solutions for burnout: psychotherapy

Another type of solutions for burnout is psychotherapy. If we consider something to be a more severe or long-term burnout, professional help can be very useful. You can talk about this with your doctor, too, and consider what the best type of help is for you. Psychotherapy can help you to learn to let go of stress and tasks. People with burnout often namely find it difficult to let go of their perfectionism or stress. They take it with them everywhere, meaning overstrain occurs. Psychotherapy can help you with this. Furthermore, it also has other advantages. It can help you to deal with the causes of your burnout and to learn to avoid and prevent them.

Solutions for burnout: online self-help program 15 Minutes 4 Me

15 Minutes 4 Me is in between the solutions which were mentioned above. The online self-help program is mainly aimed to be used by people with minor types of burnout, but it can also be supportive to psychotherapy. Furthermore, 15 Minutes 4 Me will focus, together with you, on the factors which have caused you to have a burnout. For example, there are modules which help you to let go, others which help you to work in a less perfectionist way,... Daily solution focused questions and videos are given to you, which can help you to come to new insights. Together with 15 Minutes 4 Me, stress can be reduced up to 77% in one month!

Test if you have a burnout

To know if you might be suffering from a burnout, you can fill out the free burnout test by 15 Minutes 4 Me. This test consists of about twenty questions. After filling out these questions, you are sent on to a page with your scores and accompanying interpretation!