How do I know if someone has a burnout?

If you have a burnout, the symptoms are often much like those of depression. You are constantly tired because you worry and have a sleeping deficit. You feel somber because you have got too much on your mind.

Symptoms of burnout? Why me?

If you go past your limits and go for months or years without a real break or vacation, you might develop a burnout. You have a burnout because you have not listened to your body enough. You have pushed yourself too far. A doctor or a psychologist will often be able to tell you if you have a burnout. However, you can also recognize it by yourself from several symptoms.

Symptoms of burnout? Exhausted feeling?

Your body suffers a lot from a burnout because it is overworked and gets too little rest. Because of the constant stress which you experience, you will find that you sleep less and worry more. This is very exhausting for your body. Your body no longer gets the necessary vitamins and time to recover, because it is in overdrive. That is why your condition will noticeably worsen over time.

Symptoms of burnout? Disregarding yourself?

Burnout often happens to people who always say "yes", disregarding how they really feel, because they have a hard time setting limits. You find it difficult to indicate what is enough for you because you like helping people or want to help them. You often find other people's wishes more important than your own, because you find it difficult to say "no".

Symptoms of burnout? What can I do?

The symptoms of burnout, which you experience now, are often fully reversible if you treat your burnout in time. This is something you can do by, for example, going to a psychologist or following the online self-help program. The program was proven to be effective by a study published in the Artsenkrant (2011), which helps to reduce stress by 77% on average in just one month's time.

Symptoms of burnout? Test your burnout here!

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