What is the link between burnout and happiness? Everyone knows that burnout is caused by being overstrained, being exhausted, but what does happiness have to do with it? Happiness namely is a type of buffer against burnout. It can suppress burnout or even cure it in some cases. In this article, we describe the link between happiness and burnout.

Burnout and happiness: opposites?

It is indeed true that someone with burnout often feels unhappy. Burnout is namely caused by an exhaustion and overexertion of the body. Burnout goes together with somber feelings and in some cases with crying fits. So it is logical that, when you have a burnout, you do not feel happy. But this unhappy feeling can be part of the basis of burnout. Burnout is namely much less likely to develop if someone has resilience. This resilience is something which one gets from the fact that he or she can do fun things or has fun things in their lives, which make them happy. It is thus indeed so that people who were less happy before the burnout, have larger chances of developing a burnout, and that this burnout takes more time.

Burnout and happiness: what do I do about it?

If you get more happiness from your life, it can be so that your burnout reduces or even disappears on its own. Because you start doing more things which make you happy, the less happy moments play less of a role. This way you develop resilience, something which works preventively and curatively against burnout. There is no standard method which tells you what fun things are or which helps you find happiness. This is different for everyone. But happiness is the most important thing in our lives. People who do fewer fun things and do not want to do most tasks which they are assigned, are at a larger risk for burnout.

Burnout and happiness: how do I discover my happiness thanks to 15 Minutes 4 Me?

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Do I have a burnout?

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