A year ago, I could myself experience the therapeutic qualities of my American colleague doctor and author Deepak Chopra. He himself is the author of tens of books, including quite some bestsellers. Deepak Chopra shares my passion for medicine, therapy, and writing.

Deepak Chopra radiates rest

What I noticed most during our conversation, is the rest he radiates. The peacefulness which comes from him is congruent with his message. He is that peacefulness, both in the sound of his voice, as in his deeply warm, human smile, as in the smooth way he moves. Everything radiates peacefulness and rest. Deep inner satisfaction and rest. No fraction of stress in his presence.

Deepak Chopra is authentic

He is an lives his message. This is likely to be the true reason behind his success: that he stays true to his deeper values, disregarding his financial success. He gets his success from staying true to himself, rather than some commercial need.

Deepak Chopra listens

Another aspect which really got to me, is his ability to listen. He pays you his full attention when you tell him something. He looks into your eyes in a kind, warm, and truly friendly way, and that brings a little of his peacefulness to the conversational partner. I felt comfortable, pleasant, and understood in his presence. I felt his presence as a human, and because of this I also felt my presence with him. This unbelievable listening skill which is his own makes it so that you need fewer words and get straight to the point in your dialogue with him.

Deepak Chopra got me to start writing

During conversation I suddenly blurted it out: I had been dreaming for years of writing books, but it never happened. The pieces of text remained stuck on the hard drive of my computer. Even though this was nowhere near the goal of our meeting, I still blurted it out. 'Deepak, I have been walking around with the idea of writing books for years now, but I do not seem to ever get to it. How did you start?', my question was. He looked at me with a warm, deep smile, thought for a while, and said:

I just started to write. Nobody wanted to publish me. So I decided to publish it myself.

These three sentences stuck with me for a long time. My brain transformed the message to something along the lines of: just do it! When I returned home to Belgium after a few days, I started to write. Six weeks later, my first book was published. And if you look around on this website, you can see where I am now, a little over a year later. One book after the other is written. The self-help book 'Stress solving in 10 steps' (Dutch) is an example of this. The deep, human contact with Deepak Chopra unlocked my passion for writing books. Thank you, Deepak!

Paul Koeck, MD