Anxiety comes in many different forms. For example, you might be afraid of certain animals, but also of large spaces. Anxiety can slowly creep into your life. At first, the anxiety only shows sometimes, and then it gets worse and worse with time. Anxiety is often paired with a feeling of control loss, where you know that you have no reason to be anxious, but not being able to do anything about it.

How does anxiety come to be?

Anxiety often develops as a consequence from an intensively negative experience or through learned behavior, where you might have seen your parents be anxious around spiders, for example. This can cause the feeling in a child that anxiety is a normal response to spiders. In many cases, however, the anxiety does not limit itself to limited situations. Sometimes the anxiety worsens and takes over more areas of life. Fear of fear is also not uncommon. Here, you are so shocked by the anxiety symptoms, that it creates a fear of fear.

Anxiety? How do you treat it?

Oftentimes, anxiety does not just disappear on its own. Your brain has namely learned to have an anxious response when it is exposed to certain situations. Furthermore, anxiety is often paired with high levels of stress. This, too, has an influence on your anxiety and your daily life.

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Anxiety? Take the test!

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