Burnout is a recognized mental illness that seems to be becoming more common in our stress-driven society. You see it more and more often: people working for 2 or running from here to there. Often it is difficult to give your brain and body a complete break and provide a moment of relaxation.

Burnout often comes from moments of intense stress and busyness. What triggers this stress and busyness can come from various sources: your work, your relationship and sometimes even your hobbies.

Burnout? What are the symptoms of burnout?

If you are suffering from burnout, it is common that your stress level is very high. This in turn can make you forget things easily, have attention problems or even mood swings.In addition, it is often difficult to fall asleep or sleep through the night. You often find yourself thinking about tasks that still need to be done or what you have planned for the following day. The stress associated with this often makes it difficult to get a good night's sleep. This then creates a vicious circle, since in many cases a bad night's sleep is linked to more stress.

Burnout? How do you treat burnout?

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