Depression seems to be more common in the winter months than in the summer months. There are several reasons for this: first, sunlight contributes to our well-being. Since the sun rises later and sets earlier, you therefore experience longer periods of darkness. This can affect your mood and psychological well-being. In addition, you should also consider stress as a result of the "shorter evenings," which can affect depression symptoms in the long run. Because you feel like you have to do more in a shorter amount of time, since it is already dark when you go home, your stress level and, in the long run, your depression level may increase.

Depression? What are symptoms of depression?

In addition to feeling predominantly gloomy, there are several other symptoms of depression. For example, depression going forward is characterized by a disturbed sleeping pattern (difficulty falling asleep, sleeping through, nightmares,...). In addition, we also see an impact on the body and certain bodily functions, such as a disturbed eating pattern (eating more, eating less). But besides feeling gloomy, what seems to characterize depression the most is "hopelessness. By "hopelessness," we mean:

  • No longer taking initiative
  • Not projecting oneself into the future
  • Feeling guilty

These depression symptoms can in turn affect other depression symptoms, creating a vicious cycle of depression symptoms, so to speak.

Depression? Treating depression symptoms?

If depression is present, it is recommended to seek professional help. After all, depression and depression symptoms are symptoms, which usually do not disappear on their own, but require an active approach. is an online self-help program, developed by doctors and psychologists, that guides you daily from home in addressing depression symptoms. Based on cognitive behavioral therapy and solution-focused techniques, the program helps you day by day reduce your depression symptoms, lower your psychological vulnerability and works with you on relapse prevention.

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