Everyone has stress sometimes or experiences pressure at work. Not everyone deals with this pressure in the same way, so everyone has different levels of stress. But when can we consider stress to be excessive? When does it become too much for most people? Is this the same for everyone, or can it differ from person to person? This article answers the previous questions.

When does stress become excessive?

We consider stress to be excessive if stress starts to have an influence on daily tasks. Even on tasks outside of work. It can namely be so that you start to have certain physical or psychological consequences of stress, which start to affect your general functioning. For example, stress can cause memory issues. We consider stress to be excessive stress if these memory issues do not just limit themselves to finding it difficult to memorizing tasks at work, but that you for example also start to forget to go to the store, to hang out with friends,... At that moment, stress has an influence which goes further than the source of the stress itself. That is when we consider the stress to be excessive.

When does it become too much for most people?

Stress does not easily become too much, just like that. It is a gathering of stress during a long period of time. This stress will also for some time have affected other areas of life, such as your hobbies, your family, your social life,... The more stress we experience the faster it becomes excessive. If it then finally becomes too much for you, this can lead to different issues. For example, a burnout might develop.

Is the limit for stress the same for everyone?

No, people namely respond differently to stress or to causes of stress. Everyone is different in how they deal with stress, and stress does not have the same effect on everyone, either. One could namely mainly have issues with their memory, while someone else might instead mainly experience depressed moods. Stress and the consequences of stress thus are different for everyone.

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