Depression comes in many different forms. For this reason, there are also different ways to treat depression, some more effective for some forms of depression than others. So it is useful to find out what kind of depression you suffer from before seeking treatment.

Nevertheless, we do find constants in depression treatment, the effectiveness of which has already been proven in several forms of depression. This may give you an indication as to which direction to look in when seeking depression treatment.

Depression treatment? Therapy

Whether or not in combination with other treatments for depression, therapy is one of the most widely used and effective forms in depression treatment. Through a range of techniques, therapy can ensure that you have a better understanding of your depression, start incorporating healthier habits instead of letting depression symptoms overwhelm you, which in itself also affects your emotional and mental stability.

Moreover, there are several forms of therapy that have already been proven effective in treating depression. One of the best-known of these forms of therapy is cognitive behavioral therapy, which using behavioral techniques and psychoeducation can help you break the vicious cycle of depression.

In addition to the different forms of therapy, there are also different settings and intensities of therapy followed. For example, some people need residential counseling. This means that they stay in the institution that provides therapy, such as a psychiatric ward of a hospital. Other people, in turn, are content with outpatient counseling with private consultations or possibly family consultations. However, what is also an option is daily therapeutic counseling from home. is an online self-help program, developed by doctors and psychologists, that guides people daily from home in reducing and addressing depression symptoms. Based on cognitive behavioral therapy and solution-focused techniques, it helps you recognize unhealthy habits daily and gradually replace them with healthy ones to reduce depression symptoms.

Depression treatment? Take the depression test!

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