Most of you have been bullied in the past. Some people still experience the consequences of this, while others have left this period behind. Bullying behavior can leave a large scar on people who have been the victim of bullying behavior. Sometimes, you are still looking for a reason for the bullying behavior years later. But is there really a cause? Is there a reason why you have been the victim of bullying behavior while other people have not? There are different reasons as to why both children and adults bully. In spite of personal opinions, bullying has little to do with immaturity, but rather with a lack of certain things..

Bullying behavior to compensate own problems?

One of the most frequent reasons for bullying is to hide own problems at home. It often happens that people, who use physical violence in their bullying behavior, themselves also are victims to physical violence. Little children namely reproduce the behavior of important role models, including parents. These children then thing that physical violence is acceptable behavior, because their parents also do it. Furthermore, children and adults sometimes look for a 'victim' on whom their can 'let loose' their difficult and unprocessed feelings. It is namely not always easy to know how to deal with unacceptable behavior from parents, brothers, sisters, or partners.

Bullying behavior to set a power struggle?

Bullying behavior also often has the function of feeling superior, because they have a poor self-image. Children and adults who experience some type of abuse at home, feel very powerless. The fact that they can then triumph over someone else in class or at work gives them a good feeling. This way they do not feel so small, which is what the abuse can make them feel. We can conclude that bullying behavior often is based on a lacking knowledge regarding dealing with problems, feeling powerless, and frequently being a victim of bullying behavior oneself.

How do I process bullying behavior?

If you are being bullied or have been bullied, this can keep impacting your life. It can namely be difficult to leave such a period behind. Bullying behavior can also cause depressed feelings. With this, the program by 15 Minutes 4 Me can help you! The online self-help program guides you every day in dealing with depression, anxiety, and stress. Would you like to test to what extent you experience depression, stress, or anxiety? Then take the free self-test here!