If we have been under a lot of pressure for some time, it can be so that we become fatigued. We have more difficulties with daily tasks and we also notice that certain physical and psychological functions no longer function as well as they used to. For example, you start to have difficulties with paying attention to things, or you notice that you have a feeling of pain in your chest. These are just a few of the many symptoms of a fatigued feeling. It can namely show itself in many different ways. This article describes the symptoms of fatigue, as well as possible treatment methods, and it also gives you a free fatigued test.

Fatigued test: symptoms of a fatigued feeling

If you are fatigued, you often have lived with a lot of stress for too long. Stress namely makes it so that ou body and mind become exhausted. It causes our heart to beat faster, our breathing to become shallow, and it makes it difficult for us to relax. Furthermore, you can sometimes ache in certain limbs, because the muscles in these limbs are constantly tense. The pain which most people experience because of this is neck pain. Also, if you experience too much stress, it can be so that you find it difficult to pay attention to anything, that you need more time to finish certain tasks, and that you start to have issues with your memory. In some cases, stress can even make it so that you start to cry regularly, because you experience too much pressure. Furthermore, stress will also affect your sleeping pattern. You find it more difficult to fall asleep and also notice that you wake up a lot during the night. This is not good, because stress makes it so that you no longer enter the deep stages of sleep as often as you used to anymore. The issue is that these are the stages which help you feel rested and mentally ready to take on a new day.

Fatigued test: causes of a fatigued feeling

A fatigued feeling is thus most often caused by long-term stress. An example of this is a large project which you have to finish at work. Or moving, which causes a lot of issues. It can have many different causes. After a while you will even notice that, when your project or moving is finished, you still cannot relax. You are constantly tense and find it very difficult to calm down. Even during your spare time it is difficult to find your rest.

Fatigued test: treatment for a fatigued feeling

To treat your fatigued feeling, it is useful to deal with your underlying stress. 15 Minutes 4 Me developed an online self-help program which supports you in dealing with your stress and reducing your fatigued feeling. It also helps you to stay in control of your stress in the future.

Fatigued test: take the stress test

To know to what extent you experience stress and how this can influence your fatigued feeling, you can always take the free online stress test!