Difficulties falling asleep? Nightmares? Do you often wake up in the middle of the night? Then you possibly suffer from sleeping problems. Sleeping problems can be caused by many different factors, but can even end up becoming a worse problem. For example, sleeping problems can lead to depression, burnout and fatigue. In many cases, sleeping problems lie at the basis of the aforementioned mental issues and worse as the mental problem worsens. It thus often starts small, but symptoms can build up and intensify if you leave the symptoms untreated.

What are the causes of sleeping problems?

Sleeping problems can have many different causes. For example, physical causes such as certain illnesses can lie at the basis of your problems. What is more common, however, is stress, as well as other mental problems being the cause of sleeping problems. These can namely cause your body and mind to remain active, which makes it difficult to calm down and thus falling asleep becomes a challenge. In the case of depression, you often lie in bed worrying for a long time. This constant activation of the brain can make you fall asleep only hours after having gone to bed. Moreover, past events can follow you around, which make it difficult to sleep through the night or even cause nightmares. This can be the case if you have suffered from a trauma. Traumas can make you suffer from stress and anxiety that are linked to the event and are brought up again. That's why people with traumas often experience sleeping problems.

Sleeping problems treatment? How do you treat sleeping problems?

Sleeping problems can be treated in different ways. One of it is taking medication. The disadvantage of medication is that you need to increase the dose with time to keep the same effect and, as soon as you stop taking the sleeping medication, the problems will appear again. Sleeping medication doesn't help to remove the cause of your sleeping problems, but instead temporarily cover it up. An effective way of treating sleeping problems is by using therapeutic treatment. 15 Minutes 4 Me is a therapeutic online self-help program, which guides you for fifteen minutes per day in treating the issue of your choice. Through its scientific basis and standardized methods, 15 Minutes 4 Me helps you daily with reducing your sleeping problems and making you less vulnerable for psychological problems!

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