Everyone feels tired sometimes, but what if this fatigue keeps going for so long that we can no longer function normally? It can namely be so that our body constantly feels exhausted, and that we cannot seem to re-charge our battery. This can have different causes. Stress, anxiety, or depression are some of these causes.

Tired? Fatigue through stress

Stress can cause fatigue or a tired feeling. Stress namely makes it so that our body is in a constant state of readiness in order to be able to respond to danger. There is no danger, however, and our body will be tired out. Furthermore, stress can make it so that it is difficult for us to focus, and that we find it more difficult to remember things than we did in the past. This will also require an extra effort from our body every time. Furthermore, stress can make it so that we do not sleep as well. But sleep is very important for treating fatigue or a tired feeling. During our deep sleep, our body namely gets the change to repair itself. If you sleep poorly, this means your body's ability to repair itself is impaired.

Tired? Fatigue through anxiety

Anxiety, too, can make it so that we start to feel tired. When we are anxious, we are also often stressed about the cause of the symptoms, or some situations might cause stress as well as anxiety. For example, think of a situation which scares you. Your heart goes wild, your breathing becomes shallow, and... you experience stress. Many people who take our free test and have a high anxiety score, also have a high score in stress. Stress and anxiety are thus closely linked. The constantly being scared or worrying that you will be anxious again, will tire you out and give you a tired feeling. It can also make it so that you sleep poorly, because you lie awake because of your anxiety.

Tired? Fatigue through depression

It often occurs that people with depression feel tired or fatigued. Often, they do not want to get out of bed in the morning and would most of all like to just stay in bed all day. When you are depressed, you are often mentally tired rather than physically. It namely is not so that you exhaust your body so that you cannot go on. Often, you lie in bed at night and worry a lot during the day. You keep thinking about all the things which you have done wrong and what could have gone better. During the day you are also constantly questioning all of your actions. This can be very exhausting for the brain. That is why you will sleep poorly, which can cause a feeling of fatigue.

Tired? Treat fatigue!

You can sign up for the online self-help program to treat your fatigue. It will namely support you in dealing with the underlying stress, anxiety, and/or depression which can cause your fatigue.

Tired? Take the stress test!

You can always fill out our free online stress test to find out what your stress level is. The test takes about 5 minutes and will let you know your personal scores as soon as you are done filling it out.