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Average Stress decrease during online selfhelp program 'Mijn Kwartier'

Gemiddelde wekelijkse stressafname bij deelnemers zelfhulpprogramma Mijn Kwartier .

Average stress reduction in our participants as compared to their stress at the start

After 1 week, the stress reduces by one-fourth or 27% of the initial stress. After 2 weeks, the stress reduces by over one-third or 37% to 63% of what it was at the beginning. After 3 weeks, the stress reduces by more than half or 54% to 46% of the initial stress. After 5 weeks, the stress reduces by over two-thirds, or 75% to 23 of the initial stress. .

Increase in Life satisfaction

Stijging levenstevredenheid tijdens zelfhulpprogramma In 1 week, the average life satisfaction increases by 17% to 117% of the initial score

After 2 weeks, the life satisfaction increases by 33% to 133% of the initial score.
After 3 weeks, the life satisfaction on average increases by 40% to 140% from the original. (The base line is the average life satisfaction at the start of the program.) This study is based on the results which participants got through following the online self-help program. If you want to read more about the online self-help program, you can click here.

The free self-test

In case you want to take the free stress test with which we measure and follow-up our results, you can click here.

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