We al know it: Monday. Getting up early to go to work after a weekend of relaxation. There are but few people who like Mondays. Often you hear that people find it difficult to get out of bed or that they are in a bad mood. The worst Monday of the year appears to be the third Monday of January. This Monday namely introduces the winter depression. We get little light, get up when it is still dark outside, and return home when it has gotten dark again. It is normal to feel sad or even to suffer from depressed feelings. That is why 15 Minutes 4 Me presents some tips below which help against Blue Monday!

Tip 1: Look for light!

Researches are not yet certain whether a winter depression or Blue Monday is linked to a light deficit. What is certain, however, is that light can help in treating depressed or somber feelings. There is light therapy, which has proven to be very effective in some types of depression. DUring this light therapy, people are overwhelmed with light for fifteen minutes, for example by putting on light glasses. Not only sunlight helps here, even artificial light works fine.

Tip 2: Sports help!

Sports cause a hormonal reaction in the brain, releasing happiness hormones such as serotonin. If you suffer from a bad mood or depressed feelings caused by a Blue Monday, sports can help you to feel better again. You need not necessarily go for a run. You could also try, for example, Pilates or yoga. It is useful to find a sport which you like and which you enjoy doing. This way, you can keep at it for a much longer time!

Tip 3: Meditation!

Except for sports and light therapy, mediation is another tool to help you combat Blue Monday and eventual depressed feelings which result therefrom. Meditation brings you back to the here and now and makes you become aware of your body. It also helps to deal with stress, for example by emptying your mind and thereby offering your mind and body some calmness!

Test whether you suffer from a Blue Monday!

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