Postnatal depression surprises many mothers with an unhappy feeling, just at the time when you expect to be happy. Because of hormonal changes, you as a young mother can become irritable, fatigued and tired, and you start dreading motherhood. It all becomes too much and symptoms of postpartum depression appear: headache, being irritable, fatigue, crying spells, dreading the simplest things.

What is postnatal depression?

Postnatal, or postpartum depression is a type of depression that is largely triggered by the hormonal changes in your body after pregnancy.

What are the symptoms?

Several symptoms with which you can recognize postpartum depression include:

  • depressive feelings and thoughts
  • pessimism
  • being irritable
  • not being able to handle anything
  • thinking that you are a bad mother
  • inexplicable crying spells
  • headache
  • dizziness
  • bad self-image and low confidence levels

Causes of postpartum depression?

Postnatal depression, also dubbed postpartum depression, is mainly caused by hormonal changes in your body after your pregnancy. Of course, psychological factors can also play a role besides the biological cause, such as pressure in the family or at work, too little help in how to take care of the children upon the arrival of a new baby, bad self-care, too little motioning, and so on.

Treatment of postnatal depression?

Sometimes your doctor will give you medication to help you get back on  your feet again. However, the best help will come from following proper guidance, meaning help from a doctor or therapist, or help in the shape of an online self-help program via the internet.

Online self-help program for postnatal depression

The online self-help program '' guides you in changing negative and depressed thoughts and feelings in your postpartum depression into positive thoughts and feelings. By using 15 minutes per day for online self-help, your depression will be cleared out in just a few weeks. Most participants notice a decrease in their depression by 50% during the first 3 weeks. Half are healed after some three weeks, while the other half needs some more time to get rid of the postpartum depression.

Test if you suffer from postnatal depression 

Do the free online depression test here now, to see if you suffer from postnatal depression, and read how to get better, if this is necessary.

Paul Koeck, MD.