We notice that many people are looking for a solution/treatment for fatigue. This is also shown by statistics from a recent study (N=115,878) by 15 Minutes 4 Me: a whole 28,8 per cent is looking for a remedy for fatigue. That is why we propose 5 simple steps toward recognizing fatigue here. Even just recognizing fatigue is not always easy. 1. Do I get enough sleep? It might be a cliché, but fatigue is very strongly linked to the quality of sleep. This means that we mus have had enough deep phases of sleep in order to feel well-rested. Especially phase 4 and the REM-sleep make it so that we are ready for a new day both mentally and physically when morning comes to be. If you suffer from fatigue, this is often one of the first areas which causes trouble. 2. Am I stressed? Stress is an important factor in experiencing fatigue. It is also an important component in the vicious cycle which can make it so that you are constantly fatigued. Stress can affect both your sleep and your general functioning. Furthermore, it can make it so that your bran does not get enough rest, because you no longer get things done as quickly, because you are constantly thinking of that which still has to be done,... 3. Is my general functioning deteriorating? Significant consequences of fatigue also make it so that our daily functions are affected, such as our memory, focus, mood,... If you are fatigued and have been this for some time, you will notice that you start to experience memory issues, problems focusing,... Fatigue can thus have a large, negative impact on our lives! 4. Do I feel worse? With this we mean possible depressed thoughts, which might occur. If you re not well-rested and the fatigue has been going on for some time, chances are that your mood is not as good as it otherwise would be. Examples of this are crying fits, snappy reactions to questions,... 5. If all of the factors above apply to you, it could be useful to take our fatigue test. This test indicates to what extent you experience symptoms of fatigue. Afterward, you also receive a free explanation by Paul Koeck, MD, who tells you more about your results and about what you can do already today in order to break out of the vicious cycle of fatigue!

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