Depression is one of the most well-known mental illnesses worldwide. Furthermore, the illness occurs in all castes of the population as well as in all cultures. Despite that, there still are many prejudices around the disease and many people can often not say more about depression than that it has to do with a sad mood. This article has the goal of describing the most common symptoms of depression, and to also explain some treatment forms of depression. At the bottom of the article you will even find the link to a free depression test, which can tell you more about which depression symptoms you experience exactly and what possible treatment could be to reduce these depression symptoms.

Depression? What are depression symptoms?

As mentioned earlier, the most well-known symptom of depression is the ever present somber mood. This means that the person in question notices a clear difference between their earlier mood and their current constant state of being somber. Even nice or funny situations no longer have a positive effect on the mood. People with depression also often feel very guilty, which has to do with another symptom: worrying. It can be very difficult for someone with depression to have people around them, because they will constantly question themselves, which eventually even will lead to physical symptoms such as muscle ache or headaches. Another way in which depression is characterized is through hopelessness and isolation. Often, people with depression no longer have a vision of the future and they do no longer seem to take any initiative, for example to go hang out with friends, because they often question what the use of it all is. Social situations are also very difficult, which means that people with depression have the tendency to isolate themselves, which in turn can strengthen the depressed feelings.

Depression? How do you treat a depression?

There are different possibilities when it comes to treating a depression: medication, therapy,... 15 Minutes 4 Me is an online self-help program, developed by doctors and psychologists, which guides you daily in your home in treating and reducing depression symptoms. The program does not only work on treating the current symptoms, however, but it also contains relapse prevention. This means you give your depression less of a chance in the future through early recognition of depression symptoms and the know-how when it comes to how to deal with these.

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