Tension? Pain? Tense muscles?

Tension can cause a lot of pain. Especially if the tension continues for a longer period of time. Often you notice that you experience both psychological as well as physical tension. You find it difficult to calm down. At the same time, you experience that your muscles tense up and that nothing helps to relax them again. The tension can arrive and then go away again after a while. Chronic tension, however, will return for months and cause pain at random times.

What are the causes of tension?

Tension can be caused by psychological factors as well as physical factors, such as illnesses or disorders. It is useful to research your causes. This way you can namely treat the tension even more effectively. To give you an insight into what possible psychological and physical causes might be, we sum up some of the most well-known causes of tension below.

Psychological causes of tension?

Tension in most cases is caused because you are mentally tense. Worrying is an example of a physical exertion which can cause both psychological and physical tension. Worrying namely affects our mental system, and if this continues for a long time, this can over-exert it. Below you will find some other examples of psychological factors which can cause tension:

  • Depression
  • Anxiety
  • Stress
  • Emotions
  • Worrying
  • Frustrations
  • Unprocessed events

The examples above often have as a consequence that you are mentally overworked, which can show itself through physical symptoms after a while.

Physical causes of tension?

Except for psychological causes, there also are several physical causes which can cause tension. For example, migraine can often be paired with muscle tension, especially in the neck region. A poor work position, too, can cause pain. There also are some disorders which can have muscle ache and muscle tension as symptoms.

What is a solution for tension?

It is useful to know the causes of tension and to then check which your tension causes are. This can namely indicate what type of treatment will be most effective in your case. Physical causes are best treated through medical treatment. For this, you can go to a doctor or a specialist.

Psychological causes are best treated by following some type of support or therapy. "15Minutes4Me.com" offers such therapy. On a daily basis, you can follow our online therapy in the form of psycho-education and system-therapeutic/solution focused techniques. Cognitive therapy, too, is used in the program to support people with depression and stress.

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