Depression seems to become more and more common in seniors. Children leave home, you retire, you lose your partner, ... It is not easy to handle these large changes in life. Many seniors also seem to have to go through one surgery after the other. This all could lead to a depression. If this is the case, it is useful to look for a depression test seniors.

My grandmother is still doing rather well. If I compare her to other people her age, she still is capable of doing a lot. However, her hearing and eyesight are getting worse. When I visit, she often says that she has already bought a present for by birthday and that my name is written on it. In case something were to happen to her. She also often says that, if she can no longer hear or see, she would prefer if it would all end.

As child or grandchild it is not always easy to know how to deal with the person in question saying such things. As a senior it is not easy, either, to know how to deal with these changes. You notice that you can no longer do as much as you used to. This can sometimes lead to you being unable to be outside as often, or by making it difficult for you to enjoy your hobby. All these circumstances taken together can lead to you experiencing depressed feelings. Are ou looking for a depression test seniors or would you like to know to what extent you suffer from depression characteristics? Read more here about the characteristics of depression in that case, and take the free depression test seniors.

Depression test seniors? What are depression symptoms in seniors?

The characteristics of depression in seniors are very similar to the characteristics of depression in adults. While the characteristics are the same, depression in seniors also has the difficulty of dementia often having the same characteristics as depression. Therefore it is useful to clearly differentiate between the two by evaluating if your memory and concentration issues are caused by a dementia or depression. The following symptoms are symptoms of depression and you will therefore also find these in a depression test seniors:

  • unhappy mood
  • not being interested/not having fun
  • gaining or losing a lot of weight
  • frequent sleepiness
  • feeling agitated or weak
  • fatigue or lack of energy
  • exaggerated feeling of worthlessness
  • feeling of guilt.
  • reduced thinking and focusing abilities
  • digestive issues
  • changes in weight
  • vague complaints
  • suicidal thoughts

These symptoms are to be present for at least two weeks. This shows a useful difference between a depressed remark and actually experiencing a depression. If a depressed remark is made about something which is no longer possible due to age, for example, this unhappiness will pass after a while and you will once again feel happy, peaceful, and content. If a depression actually is present, however, the previous symptoms are constantly present, meaning you cannot find your happy and peaceful atmosphere anymore.

Depression test seniors? Treating depression in seniors?

For seniors it is not always easy to go places in order to treat their depression, let alone to take a depression test seniors. If you senior is still apt at using a computer, it is an option for them to treat their depression at the hand of the online self-help program by 15 Minutes 4 Me. The program is inspired by therapeutic techniques in order to help adults and seniors with depression to re-discover their own capacities and to help them to find ways in which they can do what makes them happy after all.

Depression test seniors? Take the free depression test seniors!

Wold you like to know to what extent you, as a senior, might experience a depression, or which depression symptoms you experience? Then take our free depression test seniors here!