Autism is one of the most well-known developmental disorders. Other developmental disorders such as ADHD, ADD, differ in many areas from autism to great extents. What does autism entail exactly, and what are autism characteristics? This article sums up the autism characteristics and also describes what possible treatments there are.

Autism characteristics: symptoms of autism

Autism has the main characteristic of a low IQ. We can consider IQ to be low if someone has an IQ of 80 or lower. Furthermore, people with autism have issues with communication. You will notice that they do not really understand certain situations, or that they respond in an odd way in certain conversations. They often find it difficult to grasp unspoken and sometimes even explicit rules. They find it difficult to get to know new people, as well as to maintain existing friendships. This, combined with a low IQ, is not a nice combination. Because people with autism have a low IQ, they also find it difficult to learn rules. On top of this, people with autism have issues with flexibility. Because they find it difficult to understand rules, they might, for example, not understand that class starts later, or that the bust is a few minutes late. People with autism can therefore get mad, and do not understand why the rules are deviated from.

Autism characteristics: treatment

People with autism can often experience a lot of stress. They find it difficult to understand rules and can often also get mad when someone or something deviates from these rules. Making conversation with people or getting to know new people can also often cause stress. This way, stress can often worsen the autism characteristics. Because of stress, it can be so that people become more impulsive and that they have more issues with communication. To deal with this stress, you can follow the online self-help program by 15 Minutes 4 Me. It helps you to deal with stress and can thereby help to reduce your autism characteristics.

Autism characteristics: take the stress test!

To see to what extent stress might have an influence on autism characteristics, you can take the free stress test. After filling out the test, you can immediately get your personal score in anxiety, stress, and depression.