It can be useful to sometimes test your stress at the hand of a stress test. This way you will know what your stress level is and you will also know when to act. It is not always easy to recognize an unhealthy stress level. This is what a test can help you with.

What should I pay attention to in a stress test?

If you are eventually seeing a care provider regarding stress, this person will be able to help you further. If you receive an eventual stress test, the healthcare provider in question will guide you in filling out this stress test. Furthermore they will generally also help you to interpret the results from this stress test. Healthcare providers generally use a valid stress test, which you as a person do not need to pay a lot of attention to. Your healthcare providers are there to guide you.

However, if you are only looking for a stress test, it is useful to look for a valid test. Especially if you are taking a stress test via the internet or a magazine, chances are that this stress test does not truly measure stress. You will therefore get a warped picture of your stress level. You can eventually, before taking the stress test, look up if research has been done regarding this stress test. It often occurs that people get a wrongful result at the hand of a stress test via the internet.

To help you in your search for a valid stress test, we recommend a free stress test below, which will give you a valid result right after you have filled it out.

The stress test on ""?

As "" was developed by doctors and psychologists, we also make use of a stress test which has been validated in several studies. For us it is important that you receive a correct result after the stress test, to thereby guide you further into proper treatment.

So if you would like to test your stress level, then you can do this for free at the hand of our stress test. This stress test will take about 5 minutes of your time and will ask you questions regarding what you have experienced in the past week. As soon as you have filled out the test, you will end up on a screen with your results. On this page there even is a video by Paul Koeck, MD, to be found, who guides you in interpreting these results and what your possible next step could be.