Do you think you might suffer from depression? Have you been somber for a long time and can you just not seem to be happy about fun things? Depression is characterized by a constant unhappy mood, in which you just cannot seem to enjoy fun, good things in life. You ask yourself the question: 'I used to be very happy about this in the past. Why does it seem like nothing can make me feel satisfied anymore?' Depression can sometimes silently enter your life, without you noticing it. One day you can wake up and realize that you have not felt like yourself in a long time. This is what depression does to one's mind: it seems like you are looking at yourself from a corner, as a type of apathetic being. You know that it might be a good idea to go for a walk, but what is the use?

Depression symptoms?

Depression symptoms thus express themselves in different areas of one's life. To easily summarize depression symptoms: you have become apathetic, without any view of the future. You prefer to be alone, because you have the feeling like you are constantly doing something wrong when you talk to anyone. Depression symptoms can express themselves in different ways for different people. Yet, depression symptoms are to some extent similar for everyone: you have lost your feeling of joy. Instead, it seems like you can only feel poorly and unhappy. You only experience negative feelings. The positive feelings are gone!

Depression symptoms? How do I test my depression symptoms?

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