Burnout and its symptoms are sometimes difficult to recognize. Even professionals find this to be difficult at times. Burnout symptoms namely are very similar to symptoms of, for example, depression. That is why it can be difficult for people who are not trained in this to recognize burnout symptoms in themselves. This article wants to help you on your way to recognizing and diagnosing burnout symptoms, in order to make treatment of the burnout symptoms a logical next step. Also make sure to take the burnout test at the end of the article.

Burnout symptoms

If you experience burnout symptoms, you experience the following symptoms:

  • Fatigued feeling
  • Mentally exhausted feeling
  • Issues sleeping
  • Problems focusing
  • Memory issues
  • Mood swings
  • Worrying

The above burnout symptoms are the most common symptoms, and they get worse as the burnout gets worse.

Burnout symptoms: treatment

If you want to treat burnout symptoms, you can do so at the hand of different tools. Burnout symptoms which have been present for quite some time tend to require a period of rest. During this period you can then slowly start to work on your burnout symptoms. If this is not the case and you are still at work, you can still start treatment of your burnout symptoms. The most commonly used and effective treatment for burnout symptoms is a change in behavior. Certain behaviorisms, such as perfectionism or not being able to say 'no' whenever you are asked something, can namely make it so that your burnout symptoms get stronger. By changing the habits, which cause the burnout symptoms, into new habits, you can work on your burnout symptoms and help to avoid them in the future. 15 Minutes 4 me developed an online self-help program which helps you to create these new behaviors and habits. Furthermore, it helps you to reduce your stress by about 77% after just one month (according to research published in the Artsenkrant, 2011).

Burnout symptom testing

If you want to know to what extent burnout symptoms are present in you, you can take the free online burnout test by 15 Minutes 4 Me!