Depression has been getting more and more attention lately. This gives rise to certain questions, such as: can anyone get a depression? Does depression have to do with weakness? There are still many prejudices when it comes to depression. Some people think that only 'people without a backbone' can get depression. That is why many people with depression are embarrassed. They namely think that depression is something which is unnatural and only happens to 'weak people'. Asking for help is not easy, either. Depression can effectively be treated at the hand of different methods. Examples of such methods are medication and therapy. Yet, many people do not find their way to these methods to help them. Psychologists and psychiatrists have different explanation for this phenomenon. The question, however, is: how to we break through the taboo around depression? How do we inform the entire population about depression, so that people with depression are no longer confronted with prejudices? Can mental problems ever get a validated role in our environment? To help you to understand the mechanism behind depression, we give some answers to commonly asked questions regarding depression here. We asked questions such as 'are people with depression weak?' to an experienced expert and certified healthcare provider. You can read the answers below.

Are people with depression weaker than other people?

If you think that depression only occurs in 'weak people', I recommend you to look up some more information about depression. Depression has nothing to do with weakness. Throughout our lives we all get to do with difficult moments and major events. Some people go through more than others. The amount of setbacks does not decide if you get a depression or not, but it does influence this. Depression has to do with your response to these events. It can be so that these events overwhelm you, you start to worry, and depression eventually slowly develops. It can be so that certain major events overwhelm you and that your response to this becomes some sort of habit. After a while you simply do not know how to stop your worrying behavior anymore. You no longer know how to be happy. People are creatures of habit. Habits have a consequential strong influence. This can happen to anyone, considering that we are all creatures of habit.

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