If you feel fatigued, this can have different reasons. For example, it is possible that you have asked too much of your body. What many people do not know, is that fatigue can also be caused by mental over-exertion. Your body can therefore feel fatigued because of this, too. Below, we give different causes of fatigue.

Fatigue? Do you have a burnout?

If you have a burnout, fatigue is overwhelming. You have asked too much for too long of yourself and your mind. Many people with a burnout have a job which requires them to constantly work with their computer and to therefore constantly need to use their brain in a certain way. When they then come home, they often turn on the TV to relax, which requires even more mental exertion. People with burnout and fatigue often have issues sleeping. They might find it difficult to fall asleep or to sleep for long periods of time. They often worry about what they have left to do or what they could have done in a better way. This worrying, too, takes effort on your brain's part. After a while, your brain ends up in overdrive because it gets too little rest.

Fatigue? Do I have a depression?

In fatigue it can also be so that you have a depression. A depression can also cause fatigue. As opposed to burnout, this is a more subjective feeling. This means that, for example, people with depression prefer to stay in bed all day, not doing anything. The depression namely causes a mood of lacking interest of being active, due to your fatigue. This should technically give the feeling that you are rested, but because you are constantly worrying, your mind cannot relax and you create fatigue. In depression, too, your brain can therefore become fatigued.

Fatigue? How do I treat a fatigue?

You can treat your fatigue with the help of treatment for stress, burnout, and depression. The online program by 15 Minutes 4 Me helps you to reduce your stress and burnout and depression symptoms, so that you can treat your fatigued feeling.

Fatigue? Take the stress test!

If you want to know to what extent the mental illnesses above can have an influence on your fatigue, you can take the free burnout test here!