Most people know that,when you are depressed, you feel unhappy for a long period of time. However, depression is bound to more symptoms than only a somber feeling. The DSM also handles several guidelines regarding when a depression can be diagnosed. For example, we know that an overwhelming somber feeling must be present for at least 2 weeks before a depression can be considered to be present. Also, the somber feeling and other symptoms may not be caused by the death of a loved one or mourning, an addiction to certain substances, or be explained by physical causes.

Depression test: the symptoms of depression

The symptoms which might indicate depression are the following:

  • unhappy mood
  • not being interested / not having fun
  • losing a lot of weight or gaining a lot of weight
  • frequent sleepiness
  • feeling agitated or weak
  • being fatigued or have a lack of energy
  • exaggerated feeling of worthlessness
  • feeling of guilt
  • lessened focusing and thinking abilities
  • digestive complaints
  • changes in weight
  • vague complaints

Depression test: several symptoms in depression?

It is not enough to experience one or two symptoms when you have a depression. The DSM follows the following rule: in order to diagnose a depression, 5 to 6 symptoms of depression must be present for at least 2 weeks. The DSM is a widely used diagnosis tool. Many psychiatrists will thus use this manual in order to diagnose a depression.

Depression test: how do I treat a depression?

To treat a depression, you can make use of different tools. First of all you can go to a psychiatrist. This person can help you to get a diagnosis of depression and is the only one with the ability to prescribe medication. If you are looking for help in the shape of therapy, you can go to a psychologist. Cognitive behavioral therapy has shown to be one of the most effective types fo therapy in depression according to research, but other types are of course also possible. Except for these options, it is also possible to follow online self-help therapy. Here we target the minor depressions which can be worked on at the hand of therapeutic techniques from home. 15 Minutes 4 Me developed the online self-help program with this thought in mind, guiding you in the treatment of your depression. According to research, the program helps you to feel 40% happier on average after just one month (research published in the Artsenkrant, 2011).

Depression test: take the test!

To know to what extent the symptoms of depression are applicable to  you, you can take the free online depression test here.