Do you often feel anxious? As if you do not have control over your body in the moment and that you are looking at what is happening to your body as some kind of outsider? Then it might be so that you are suffering from an anxiety disorder. If these moments happen a lot and you have the feeling that this anxiety affects your daily life, it might be time to do something about it! To help you get going, we will describe the symptoms of anxiety, as well as how anxiety develops and how you can treat it.

Anxious? Symptoms of anxiety!

If you are anxious, you can notice that you start sweating first. This is often the first sign of being anxious, or of nervousness. Then your heart will start beating faster and your breathing will get more shallow. Your pupils dilate and your muscles tense up. You can then also start getting dizzy and feel like you lose the link to reality. The symptoms above are symptoms of an anxiety disorder. If you often feel anxious, it can thus be so that you are suffering from an anxiety disorder. How can this develop? Well, it can be so that you have experienced something traumatic and that this influences your current life. Or it can be so that you learned to be anxious about certain things, or it can be so that you used to be anxious about something else but that you now link that anxiety to another situation. Causes of anxiety can differ from person to person, so you might be helped by thinking about which of these three examples might be applicable to your situation.

Anxious? Treat your anxiety!

15 Minutes 4 Me is an online self-help program which helps you in treating your anxiety as well as in reducing the chance that you experience the same anxiety in the future. You can follow the program on a daily basis from home.

Anxious? Take the anxiety test!

Would you like to know what your level of anxiety is or in what way your anxiety influences your life? Then take the free online anxiety test here!