If you are a student, you can probably imagine which feelings studying for exams caused you. Even if it has been a while since you went to school, you can probably still imagine the stress you experienced during exam time, or your test anxiety. It is not always easy to deal with test anxiety when studying. Especially when exams are drawing nearer, test anxiety grows. Many students know that test anxiety or excess stress will not help them in their exams, but they still not fall asleep the day before the exam.

How do you deal with test anxiety?

Do you think you might be suffering from test anxiety? This is something you can easily check at the hand of a few simple questions. Do you find it difficult to fall asleep the night before the exam? Do you constantly think about failing? Do you sometimes get a black-out during an exam? If your answer to all these questions is 'yes', there is a chance that you do suffer from test anxiety.

Get rid of your test anxiety!

What you definitely do not need during studying and the exam period, is test anxiety or extra stress. This does not help you and will even make it so that you find it more difficult to focus on the material which you are trying to study. Treating test anxiety is therefore very useful. But how can you do this? There are several exercises which can treat test anxiety. Simple types of test anxiety are generally pretty easy to treat. If you have suffered from these during a longer period of time, however, it can be so that the treatment of this test anxiety takes some more time. Yet, it is still useful to treat this test anxiety. You will notice large differences during your studying and even when you are taking your exam. 15 Minutes 4 Me is an online self-help program, which guides you for fifteen minutes each day in order to teach you techniques for getting rid of test anxiety. You can thus treat your test anxiety from home. The program can also be followed during your study period or during your exams as extra support. It does not take a lot of your time and you can take large steps toward treating test anxiety.

Test anxiety? Take the anxiety test!

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