The holidays are generally a period of time which we spend with family and friends. For many people it is a very special time of year. Yet, the holidays are not as happy for everyone. Depression frequently occurs during this period of being together and parties.

Depression during the holidays? Being alone?

It can be so that you feel lonely during the holidays. Some people have recently lost people, for example, making Christmas a difficult time. Christmas was always spent with them, and now they are gone. This is difficult for many people. Not everyone has a large family, either. There are many people who celebrate Christmas alone. Just because it is a time where people come together, Christmas can really intensify the feeling of being alone. If you then already suffer from depressed feelings, it can be so that these feelings become more intense during a depression during the holidays.

Depression during the holidays? Does it have to do with the season?

Depression also occurs more often during winter than it does in summer. This has to do with the sunlight which we get. The sun can namely make us feel happier, and also gives us vitamin D. We can see that depression occurs more commonly during winter, because winter is a very dark time. This can of course cause the somber and sad feeling, which you might experience with a depression during the holidays, to become stronger. The holidays are, in short, a period of joy, but can also be a time of sadness.

Depression during the holidays? Take the depression test!

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