Fatigue can weigh your daily functioning down a lot. Imagine that you have not slept well and then need to work for 8 hours. Imagine that this goes on for weeks or months. Fatigue can ask a lot of a person and therefore have a large influence on one's life. It is not uncommon that fatigue goes together with stress, depression, and - in some cases - even anxiety. It thus is useful to recognize your fatigue in time and to look for a way to deal with this fatigue.

Symptoms fatigue?

Fatigue in itself can be a symptom of an underlying problem, such as stress. When you are fatigued, it frequently is so that you have issues falling asleep and sleeping through the night. Furthermore, it often is so that you have difficulties with daily tasks, or tasks which did not require a lot of effort in the past. For example, think of accidentally cutting yourself while cooking. Fatigue really makes it so that our general level of alertness is reduced and that it takes us more time to finish the same amount of work.

How do I treat fatigue?

It can be useful to look for help with treating fatigue. Fatigue can be a problem in itself or can be a way in which an underlying cause expresses itself. 15 Minutes 4 Me helps you with recognizing symptoms of fatigue, and with then trying to eliminate these symptoms. 15 Minutes 4 Me is a therapeutic program, which helps you to find your strengths at the hand of self-reflection and techniques. This way you learn how you are suitable to treat symptoms of fatigue yourself. On top of this, the program helps you to work on different problems at the same time. The program has the objective of increasing your general happiness in life and to deal with stress, as well as depression and anxiety issues. These problems are often linked to fatigue in a cause-effect relationship.

Fatigue test?

Test your fatigue and eventual underlying causes here at the hand of our free test!