The term manic depression is being used more and more commonly. Most people know about the general type of depression, but not many people know what a manic depression entails exactly. A manic depression has the same symptoms as a normal depression does, but alternates between periods of overwhelming somber feelings and narcissistic characteristics. Do you have a diagnosis of manic depression or do you want to know more about symptoms manic depression? Then this is the place to be. We list the symptoms manic depression and offer types of treatment. You can also do the free depression test in order to find out to what extent depression symptoms are applicable to you.

Symptoms manic depression? What are the symptoms?

A manic depression is a depression with episodes of mania. The depressed episodes of a manic depression are the same as they are in a normal depression. You experience an overwhelming feeling of somberness. You do not look positively at the future, do not do anything anymore, you worry a lot, and you have issues sleeping. It can also be so that the depression makes it so that you start eating less or more and people with symptoms manic depression also often suffer from a low sex drive. Except for these depressed episodes, people with symptoms manic depression also experience manic episodes. In these periods, people are suddenly very happy. Everything is great and they can do anything. After a depressed period they suddenly have amazing self-esteem and think very highly of themselves. In this period it often happens that people make poor decisions. For example, they might buy clothes which they cannot actually afford.

Symptoms manic depression? Possible treatments?

You can treat symptoms manic depression at the hand of therapy or eventually with the help of medication. You can visit a psychologist or psychiatrist for this. With symptoms manic depression it is often recommended that you use medication during the treatment. As a support of this treatment, you can follow the online program by 15 Minutes 4 Me. This program helps you to keep moving forward every day and to eventually neutralize other factors which are linked to your manic depression symptoms.

Symptoms manic depression? Take the depression test!

To measure your depressed symptoms and to check to what extent they influence your life, you can take the free depression test here!