Hypnotic Scales

A self-hypnosis technique which helps your patients to move up and down their scale freely!

Workshop by. Paul Koeck, MD

for doctors, psychologists, medical professionals, and therapists.

On the national networking congress for solution focused therapy

in Utrecht, Netherlands, on the 31st of March 2012 at 15.30 o'clock.

Solution focused hypnotic scales

This technique is taught as self-hypnosis to your patient, by first doing it together with them. In trance, they learn how to move up and down their scale. From this experience, they learn how their habits differ at every number of the scale on the one hand. On the other hand, in a second phase they learn to, themselves, decide to which number of the scale, both in easy as in difficult situations. You help them to once again find their freedom of choice. If time allows it, we will show a fragment in the shape of a "live demonstration" on a volunteer.

Workshop 'Hypnotic Scaling'

After this presentation you will:

  • Know more about hypnosis
  • Know the basic elements of "hypnotic scaling"
  • Be surprised how quickly people can learn to pick themselves where on their scale they would like to be

When you master this technique, your client will:

  1. Gain rational and emotional insight in the microdynamics of their issues and solution pattern
  2. Be able to themselves freely choose how much they want to go up or down on their scale
  3. Be able to condition themselves to be high on their scale in certain situations (job interview, business meeting, press interview, dating, home or at work)
  4. Have the experience that he/she can change feelings, thoughts, and behaviors in less than 30 minutes, with the consequence of possibility of change being proven once and for all after this first session, as they have experienced it themselves: You have, together, made a new exception
  5. Feel more responsible for his/her life: the "locus of control" now lies in his/her hands, because one can now, at any moment, freely choose to use this technique

This workshop is only available for medically formed professionals! This technique was developed by Paul Koeck, MD, himself. You have the unique chance to learn it from the source, first hand. In case your organization wants to organize this training 'in house' for its professional team, please contact us via the contact form. Would you like to test for yourself if you have stress or a stress-bound issue? Then you can take the free online self-test now!