Your bond with your parents can cause stress. If you are in puberty, or you are going through your teenage years, the bond to your parents is not always easy. You are becoming an adult, so you want to do more on your own or decide more by yourself, but your parents still find you to be a child and not ready to go into the world and make decisions on your own. For many teenagers it is frustrating to be treated as a child, and for many parents it is difficult to know where they can set boundaries.

Relationship with parents during puberty?

Relationship with parents: independence?

If you are going to highschool, most youths start to slowly move into puberty. You start doing more and more with friends, your parents have to let you do your own schoolwork, and your friends are becoming more important. In the past you wanted to do a lot with you parents, but now you start to find these same things boring or want to do different things instead. You also want to go out more or to go hang out with friends. Your parents, however, do not always agree and you are not allowed to go as often as you would like.

Relationship with parents? Help, they treat me like a child.

Many youths find that their parents treat them like children and that they would like to have more responsibilities. During puberty, you often also start to fight more with your parents. You start to develop yourself, get an own clothing style, and develop own behavior and norms, which often differ to the taste of your parents. As a parent, it is not always easy to deal with this, either. First you were always with them and now they do not always know where you are, or they believe that you do not make the right choices.

Relationship to parents? How do I improve the relationship?

As a teenager, there are ways to work on your bond to your parents. You often disagree about things, but know that your parents also want that what is best for you. This does not mean that they are right, but that they simply want different things for you. Oftentimes, fights or conflicts can occur when you try to understand what your parents are saying or when your parents try to understand what you want to say. Nevertheless, it can sometimes be so that you are disagreeing or at different wavelengths.

Relationship with parents? A tool?

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Relationship with parents? Take the stress test!

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