Stress and Studies

College students today experience high levels of stress in many areas of life. This is an important domain for further research and an effective channel of intervention for college mental health professionals. Study schedules, especially in colleges, are very demanding. The act of balancing a busy life along with education causes stress and depression. Limited stress is beneficial and can lead to excellent performance. Yet, uncontrolled stress can lead to exhaustion, depression and several other illnesses. In fact, college students are prone to episodic stress. This happens when exams are around the corner. Stress and depression also occur when getting ready for a presentation or an interview. Several students contemplate or commit suicide.

Student life is a changeover period. They do a course thinking it will enable them to do or have something that they want, such as increased job opportunities or enhanced enjoyment of life. Studying is part of a process of change and, sometimes, change can cause a lot of anxiety.

What are College Stress Symptoms?

College students experience many effects of stress and depression including the symptoms listed below:

  • Increased heart rate
  • Blood pressure
  • Headache
  • Indigestion
  • Lack of Concentration
  • Reduced performance

Students in college undergo a tough phase handling stress and depression. Firstly, their hormones are in overdrive, which causes stress. In addition, the pressure to do well adds to their stress levels. Homework, problems at home, relationships at college and peer pressure all add to stress and depression.

Stress Study on College Students

A study was conducted by National College Health Assessment to find out the levels of stress among college students. 17,000 students took part in the year long study.

Outcome of the stress study

  • 25% of the students reported feeling depressed enough to affect their academic performance.
  • 21% had contemplated suicide at least once in the past year.
  • According to the National Survey of Counseling Center Directors, 154 students committed suicide.

Control stress in College

Most students do not have a smooth sailing during their college years. Stress and depression are as common as homework and assignments. Students need to remember that they are not alone. They must be encouraged to read about stress faced by other college students so that they can face their problems. A good guide or friend can teach depressed students how to cope with negative emotions. Once they can discuss their fears and failures, they feel better. This helps them deal with stress and depression in a positive manner.They need to learn to handle pressure in college. Manage to finish the homework on time. Improve the performance with less stress. Overcome depression to control stress levels and perform better in college.

Conclusion of the Stress Study

It has been conclusively proven that college students are extremely stressed. It is important for colleges to include counseling as part of their curriculum. It would be beneficial to students if qualified counselors were available around the clock. Letting go of emotional burden reduces stress. This step ensures that students can relieve their stress and depression levels. A hotline for students to ensure confidentiality can help prevent suicides.