Stressed? Anxious? Fatigued? Depressed? Overworked? Burnout?

How to solve in 15 minutes a day?

In one evening training you will learn how to get rid of it in 21 days, while living 40% happier!

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invite you:

Dr. Paul Koeck teaches you this evening how to solve and prevent stress, or even burnout, anxiety or depression in yourself in 15 minutes a day. Using stories from his medical practice, experiments and exercises he will take you into the fascinating world of neuroscience, medicine and psychology so that by the end of this interactive evening training you will understand how these disorders arise in our brains and what you yourself can do about them. This evening you will learn the basics to help yourself or someone close to you.

After this seminar understand you:

  • how stress, anxiety, depression or burnout originates in our brain
  • How to break the vicious circle of stress, anxiety, depression or burnout
  • How people can reduce their stress by more than 50% in 15 minutes/day
  • How you can help friends or loved ones with stress, anxiety, depression or burnout
  • what we learned from recent scientific research on 5,000 self-help program participants and more than 1 million participants in the free self-test on

After this seminar can yourself:

  • Stop your fretting and negative thoughts in 60 seconds thanks to the anti-problem exercise you learn because it dissolves any kind of tension or anxiety.
  • Double your self-confidence, joie de vivre and optimism thanks to the life joy booster technique because it can cure even a real depression.
  • Fall asleep faster thanks to the falling asleep technique from the program.
  • Improve your love relationships through the love booster technique that replaces stress in the relationship step by step with intimate connection.
Paul Koeck developed a psychological self-help program in collaboration with some top scientists to treat these problems preventively and curatively by guiding them online for 15 minutes a day through the self-help program The results showed a halving of stress scores within the 21 days accompanied by a +40% increase in life satisfaction over the same period, with most people already symptom-free in 21 days. In this evening training Paul will tell you the best practices and most successful techniques coming out of his research, so you can start working with yourself tonight to take back control of your own life or help a loved one close to you. Paul Koeck studied medicine, sports medicine and philosophy at the KULeuven and management at the VLERICK Management school followed by a number of four-year trainings in solution-focused cognitive system therapy and Ericksonian Hypnotherapy. Within JCI he gave trainings in some 25 countries at national congresses, European congresses and world congresses among others and became International Training Fellow, ITF 133. When? Tuesday evening, November 22 at 19:29 pm Where? in the buildings of the KULeuven at Mgr. Sencie Institute, Local 01.08 Erasmusplein 2 3000 Leuven. We foresee the end around 22:59. Afterwards you can have a chat with the trainer to ask your personal questions. Parking tip: Parking De Bond (parking between 19h and 7h is possible for the total sum of only 3 euro, and is a 9 min walk from the location) Price? only 15 euro for the entire evening thanks to the nice cooperation with JCI Leuven! Request your invitation below. We will then email you a registration form to sign up: youtube

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