This newly published book by Liesbet Moortgat is a highly recommended read in the "professional literature for teachers" category, however. The book is remarkably authentic and original. The author assumes that teachers have already acquired a great deal of know-how in teacher training. In addition, she wants to offer well-considered and inspiring suggestions for using reflection and communication as a teaching tool. This book is a gem in the genre because of its very personal view on education that offers growth opportunities in a broad sense. The book is sober, appropriate and contemporary illustrated.

This publication is a "breath of fresh air." The book is written in "human language." The importance of communication is often defended from a scientific standpoint by academically very competent people. The disadvantage is that such works are less accessible or too little concrete.

It is for the reader motivating, almost liberating to activate the learning process of young people through questioning. That is why the book is also particularly suitable for parents and supervisors of (groups of) young people.

This book transcends the often animated and recent discussions at all levels about policy, innovations, structures and sometimes impulsive choices. This publication talks about vision, depth, inspiration and existential forces. After all, the position, commitment and impact of the teacher is "of all times". Classroom management rests - in addition to pedagogical-didactical competence, on mutual respect and "encounter".

This book lets teachers reflect on a series of fundamental questions, addressed in 9 chapters. Each chapter is devoted to a facet of solution-focused communication. With concrete practical examples, practical suggestions and useful tools every teacher can immediately get to work with her/his class.

Liesbet Moortgat

Liesbet Moortgat from Deinze is, as far as education, experience, training and inspiration are concerned, very well placed to offer such a valuable publication. She holds a master's degree in orthopedagogy (RUG), followed teacher training and the four-year course "Solution-focused cognitive and systemic therapy" at the Korzybski Institute in Bruges. She has 15 years of teaching experience in general, technical and vocational secondary education.

She worked as a teacher, practice and internship supervisor. Currently she is a learning supervisor in a secondary school, in which the learning process of the student is central. She also has her own practice in which she coaches individuals, families and teams in change processes.

We are pleased to quote Dr Myriam Le Fevere de Ten hove of the Korzybski Institute.

"As a well-trained solution-focused coach, the author has extensively described the context in which these tools prove their usefulness. The reading of this user-friendly book is contagious and convincingly invites one to use these tools enthusiastically. Such publications can only enrich us."

Preventing burnout and stress by working solution-focused

This book helps teachers work more solution-focused with their students and with themselves. By doing so, it helps both the teacher to prevent burnout in themselves and at the same time prevent and reduce stress in students. So two birds with one stone when you buy and apply teacher "Getting Started with Your Class".

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