Depression is one of the most talked about mental problems. It affects a high number of people all over the world, regardless of age, social status and life experience. Depression symptoms can manifest themselves in different ways and thus sometimes differ greatly from one another. What we do always find is the predominant gloomy mood and at least 5 of the underlying symptoms of depression.

Depression symptoms can come about from a variety of causes. Often emotional trauma is at the root of depression. The examples below are possible causes of symptoms of depression:

  • Divorce
  • Violence, both physical and emotional
  • Bullying
  • War
  • Sense of loss
  • Family problems
  • ...

So there is no standard situation that can trigger symptoms of depression.

Symptoms of depression? How does depression develop?

Despite there being different causes of depression, there is one constant factor that applies to everyone with depression. Choices. This means that some situations can weigh very heavily on you, but you still have the choice of how here you deal with them. Indeed, it is this choice, which can make a big difference, that can make the difference between a difficult period and depression.

Suffering from depression does not mean that you are weaker than anyone else. However, your depression may be an indication that it is helpful to choose other coping mechanisms, or other ways of dealing with problems, in the future. After all, there are other options that are healthier for the body and mind.

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