Do you know of borderline and do you want to learn more about it? Or do you sometimes feel like certain symptoms of borderline are present in you? Would you like to test if there are other factors which might influence your symptoms? In this article, we describe what the symptoms and characteristics are of borderline and what you can do about this. Furthermore, we also give you insight in other psychological factors which might influence your characteristics of borderline.

Characteristics borderline: symptoms of borderline

As a main symptom, a changing view of relationships, self-image and surroundings is stated. You will notice that people with borderline often have changing friendships or that they easily change their opinion of a friend. Even relationships are affected by these changes. Combined with other symptoms, this can cause people with borderline to often change relationships. If someone is great in the eyes of someone with borderline, this person will be adored. however, it they are not, someone with borderline is likely to put this person down. But not only relationships suffer from this changing view. The relationship with oneself also is affected by changes in someone with borderline. Self-value and self-image are things which easily change for someone with borderline and you will notice that they find themselves to be perfect at one point, and that they do not want to look in the mirror the next moment, because they find themselves to be ugly. Except for easily changing views on oneself and relationships, you will also notice that people with borderline are impulsive and find it difficult to suppress their anger in most cases. What they want to do, is often what they do, and they find it very difficult to wait when there is something which they want. In conversation, too, you often notice that these people are impulsive. They often say things without thinking about them, which can easily lead to fights with others.

Characteristics borderline: treatment of borderline

Something which can make symptoms and characteristics of borderline worse, is stress. If someone experiences stress and has borderline, you will notice that their symptoms become even worse. The online self-help program by 15 Minutes 4 Me helps these people to deal with their stress so that they can also reduce their symptoms.

Characteristics borderline: take the stress test!

To know to what extent you experience stress, you can take the free online stress test! This test takes about 5 minutes of your time and tells you your personal score right when you are done.