Addictions are difficult to break through, whether we speak of drinking cola or taking drugs. Of course there are different levels here, but it remains difficult. Why? First of all we get our body used to receiving certain substances. If we then suddenly no longer get these, our body responds to this. Furthermore, there are certain types of food which have an addictive quality, such as chocolate. Second of all it is not easy to break a habit. People simply are creatures of habit. We do not like to have to step outside of our comfort zone. Breaking out of habits can even lead to anxiety. Third, addictions have a certain goal. For example, alcohol makes your depressed feelings disappear. Drugs get you into a different state of mind. Even food leads to more dopamine and serotonin in your brain, making you feel happier. Addictions can bring you into a different state of mind. However, this does not treat the cause of your depression, anxiety, stress,... rather, it only masks it!

Treat the cause and break through your addiction!

Professional help such as 15 Minutes 4 Me can help you to treat your addiction! How? First of all, 15 Minutes 4 Me was developed with the goal of helping you to break through unwanted habits. The program therefore contains different tips and tricks regarding breaking through bad habits and replacing them with positive habits. The program even follows your personal journey! This means that it helps you to discover what habits you want to work on and what new habits you want to discover. Secondly it can help you to eliminate the cause of the addiction, such as anxiety, depression, or stress. Thanks to the combination of different therapeutic goals you can reduce your negative habits AND treat the cause of your addictions AND find out what makes you happy AND get there! Do not wait any longer! Find how professional help can help you in leading a happier and healthier life. Take the free test here!