Are symptoms depression becoming more common? While you do hear a lot about symptoms depression and depression, depression is still taboo in many societies. If you want to speak to someone about a possible depression, people often say: 'Oh no, you are just a little sad' or 'Everyone has a tough time in life sometimes'. These remarks do not help you. First of all it makes you feel misunderstood or not taken seriously. Also, people feel like they might be exaggerating, because everyone does have a tough period in their lives at some point. These feelings are not useful in the treatment of depression and symptoms depression. Still, symptoms depression should be taken seriously. Symptoms depression can namely not be solved by a magic spell. Treatment requires time and investment. The symptoms depression namely are not just a tough period in life and are much worse than not feeling well.

Symptoms depression? What are the symptoms?

You can check for yourself which of the following symptoms depression might be applicable to you.

  • sad mood
  • not being interested / not having fun
  • gaining or losing a lot of weight
  • frequent sleepiness
  • being agitated or feeling weak
  • fatigue or lack of energy
  • exaggerated feeling of worthlessness
  • feeling of guilt.
  • reduced thinking and concentration abilities
  • digestive issues
  • changes in weight
  • vague complaints
  • suicidal thoughts

A depression diagnosis requires at least 5 of the following symptoms to be present for at least 2 weeks. Furthermore, the symptoms may not be caused by an addiction or the loss of a loved one. Other physical illnesses may not be the cause, either.

Symptoms depression? What are the possible treatment options?

To treat symptoms depression you can visit a psychiatrist. This person is then likely to help you with the help of medication, which calms down your brain so that you can once again get some rest in your life. You can also go to a psychologist or psychotherapist. This person will help you with the help of therapeutic treatment. Such treatment has the goal of helping you to structure your thoughts in a different way in order for you to once again find your happiness. There also are new types of treatment, which have already been proven to be effective in research. The online program by 15 Minutes 4 Me is inspired by therapeutic techniques in order to help you for fifteen minutes per day with creating desired habits and behaviors in your life.

Symptoms depression? Take the depression test!

Would you like to know to what extent you experience symptoms depression and what influence these have on your life? Then take the free depression test here!