We all know it, those periods when everything seems to come together. We run from here to there and just can't seem to get our tasks done. Being overworked can sometimes be in little things. Just spending that extra 5 minutes in a traffic jam when you've been rushing all day long. Coming home and having to complete yet another list of tasks.

Being overworked can express itself in many different ways. Nevertheless, there are several symptoms, which are peculiar to being overworked. Below we list the major symptoms of being overworked and give you ideas on what you can do to treat these symptoms.

Overworked? The symptoms!

As described above, people who are overworked often feel like they are running from one end to the other. They often don't have a moment to pause or think for a moment. They often combine several things or one area of life occuces all of their lives. For example, if you have to provide work for 3, you may be overworked.

Mood swings, stress and memory problems are not strange if you suffer from being overworked. This is because your brain goes into overdrive, which in turn also affects your body. Should being overworked persist for a long time or occur in intense ways, being overworked can even lead to burnout.

Overworked? The treatment!

So it is helpful to recognize overworkedness and its symptoms early on and inform yourself about what treatment options are available for overworked symptoms.

15Minutes4Me.com is an online self-help program, which guides you daily from home in treating overworked symptoms. Developed by doctors and psychologists, it proposes a science-based program that will help you spend 15 minutes daily from home to reduce your overworked symptoms!

Overworked? The test!

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