Being overworked can have several effects on your mind and body. You may feel under constant pressure. In addition, all sorts of ailments may surface, such as muscle pain, headaches, etc.

Being overworked can stem from several sources. For example, stress can be at the root, as well as certain drastic events such as a high workload. It is helpful if your overworkedness persists for a long time to seek help.

Overworked? The symptoms!

As mentioned above, being overworked can affect the mind and body. For example, you may exhibit sleeping problems, muscle aches, headaches, intestinal problems, eating problems, etc. as a result of being overworked. In fact, emotions can have a great influence on our bodies, which is why certain mental complaints sometimes express themselves physically.

In addition to physical complaints, you may feel gloomy or have concentration problems as a result of being overworked. Your memory can sometimes play tricks on you and often people who are overworked are very preoccupied with what they still have to do that day.

Overworked? The treatment!

Being overworked can manifest itself in different ways, but also have several consequences. For example, if you are overworked for a long time, you may experience burnout. So it is helpful to listen to your body and mind and seek timely help. is an online self-help program that guides you daily from home in dealing with overworked symptoms. Using videos and person-centered questions, you will discover how to do less of what makes you overworked and unhappy and more of what gives you joy in life.

Overworked? The test!

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