Do you feel that certain things are becoming too much for you lately? That it is difficult to keep combining your school/work with your other areas of life? Does it seem like your range of tasks keeps growing?

Then it could be that after a while you experience symptoms of being overworked. In general, these symptoms of being overworked do not disappear overnight and can demand a lot of energy, which can have consequences on several levels, such as for example your mood starts to fluctuate, you never seem to be able to find rest,...

Being overworked? The symptoms?

Being overworked is like a vicious cycle of stress, in which you need to be constantly in action. Even a week's vacation doesn't seem to bring you back to your senses: the moment you start work again, you feel that everything comes at you again and it seems as if the rest you took was for nothing.

Common symptoms of being overworked are mood swings, in which you notice that you constantly want to start crying, increased stress levels, as a result of which you cannot find rest, sleeping problems, as a result of which the days become even heavier, etc. Often you also start doubting yourself more or start avoiding work.

Being overworked? The treatment!

There are many different ways to deal with a heavy workload. Unfortunately, many of them are not healthy for mind and body in the long run. Think here about avoidance behavior or perfectionism or starting to throw yourself into your work all the more. is an online self-help program that guides you daily from home in addressing unhealthy coping mechanisms (reactions to high work pressure), stress and other symptoms of being overworked. It gives you insights into known overstress mechanisms and teaches you what healthy coping options are available to you, in order to reduce overstressed symptoms and engage in relapse prevention.

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