Burnout policy in companies

Burnout poses a risk for one in 5 Flemish employees. This is shown in a study performed by the IDEWE. I often hear companies admit that more than 1 in every 20 employees is at home with a diagnosis of burnout in my doctor's practice as a specialist in burnout support. The costs of this are enormous! Politics come into play.

Minister of Labor Monica De Coninck proposes new burnout policy

Monica De Coninck, the Flemish minister of labor therefore stated an information campaign to start to gain companies' sensibility. Burnout prevention is important both for employers and for employees. Both of these parties lose out when their colleagues are gone from the work circuit due to illness! Watch the interview on the VTM news:

Online self-help program helps prevent burnout

Employees with burnout can, after discussion with their personal or workplace physician, follow the online self-help program 15 Minutes 4 Me. This program guides them for fifteen minutes per day so that they can, step by step, get their fatigue and exhaustion to disappear, and to once again recover their energy. Each week, the participant takes a self-test during the program which they can then discuss with their supporting doctor or workplace physician. More information regarding this can be found on this website. Make sure to start with the free self-test below.

Free burnout test

Take this free self-test to check whether you are at risk for stress or burnout.

Paul Koeck, MD