Borderline is one of the most well-known personality disorders, which is characterized by major changes in visions and beliefs. People who suffer from borderline disorder do not give the impression of being sure about their beliefs or their opinion regarding their relationships. This goes both for friendships and partner relationships, and even for the relationship with oneself. This article describes the symptoms of the borderline disorder and possible treatment methods. This article has the goal to give people with borderline more insight in the what and why of their symptoms, but it also aims to inform other people close to someone with borderline disorder about borderline.

Borderline disorder: symptoms of borderline

As mentioned before, borderline disorder is characterized by large changes in visions and beliefs. You will notice that people with borderline disorder adore a certain friend at one point, but then the next moment believe this person not to be a good friend at all. When people with borderline disorder then have a negative opinion of a friendship or relationship, you will often notice that they start to put this person down. They will not be able to keep their comments to themselves, and say negative things about the person all the time. But this does not just go for their relationships, but also for the way they see themselves. They change themselves so much that other people find it difficult to see if they are happy with themselves or not. At one point you might think that they are overconfident, while they a moment later seem to be very hard on themselves. Despite these changes, people with borderline disorder often experience a constant feeling of emptiness, which they cannot fill. This is something which is constant in their lives. Except for the changing visions about friendships and relationships, people with borderline disorder will also often behave in an odd way, so that people will leave them, either for a little while or forever. On top of this, people with borderline disorder have issues with impulse control. THey often say things without thinking about them, or do something and then only case about their own wants. For example, it can be so that they do things which you do not want them to do, just because they think more about what they want than about the little voice in the back of their head which says that they should not do it. Because of this lack of impulse control, people with borderline disorder often fight with other people, or it can be so that fights escalate more quickly. People with borderline also often think about suicide. They think about attempting it or hurt themselves, but they have often also attempted it several times in the past.

Borderline disorder: treatment of borderline

Stress is a useful factor to treat in borderline disorder. Stress in borderline disorder will namely worsen the symptoms and borderline disorder will in turn make it so that people with this disorder experience more stress than people without the disorder do. 15 Minutes 4 Me developed an online self-help program which can help people with borderline disorder in treating their stress, so that their symptoms will also reduce. This treatment can perfectly be combined with medical treatment.

Borderline disorder: take the stress test!

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