Depression in children seems to be becoming more common. Although many people think that depression is a mental illness that occurs only in adults, depression can also occur in children. As with adults, there are different forms of depression in children, and there are also different ways to address it.

In the article below, you will find an overview of the symptoms of depression in children, possible treatments and a free test, which can give you more information regarding your child's depression symptoms.

Depression in children? What are the symptoms?

Just as in adults, depression in children is characterized by a predominantly gloomy mood. You often notice that your child no longer plays, no longer feels like doing the things he liked to do before and also seems to worry more than before. Thus, it is common for these children to feel feelings of guilt and worthlessness. Stress can also often be at the root of depression.

What you often see in boys is that depression translates into aggressive behavior. Because children often do not know how to handle emotions well, they are more likely to become aggressive or very closed off. The latter occurs frequently in girls. So sometimes it can be difficult to know what is at the root of these behaviors.

Physical symptoms are also part of depression in children. For example, your child may often be very tired, have sleep problems, as well as a variety of physical ailments. Examples of these ailments are stomach problems, intestinal problems and/or headaches.

Depression in children? How do you treat depression in children?

As with depression in adults, there are several ways to help your child address his/her depression. One such option is the online self-help program. In this, your child will learn more about his/her symptoms and learn to manage his/her feelings in a positive way. The program was developed by doctors and psychologists and provides daily support from home for children and adults with depression symptoms. We like to note that the program is best followed by children over 12 years old or by children with a well-developed vocabulary, with some parental support.

Depression in children? Take the test!

Would you like to know to what extent your child suffers from depression symptoms and to what extent these symptoms affect his/her daily functioning? Then take the free depression test here!