Although some people say they feel good about themselves, most suffer from low self-confidence. Often we are afraid of what others will think of us or what certain behavior will say about us. So many people make the decision not to put on those extravagant clothes, shout in public when they are angry,....

Our consciousness often stops us from exhibiting behaviors that we like at the time. In some cases, this is good. In fact, our conscience ensures that we know how to behave in social situations and what is acceptable to society. In this way we can more or less interpret our own behavior as right or wrong, this taking into account your own view of the situation. This is therefore not to say that every behavior that is viewed as daring or extravagant is "wrong.

Often we have the idea that if we do something daring or unique, it will sometimes be difficult to be accepted by certain people. We feel insecure and often people question whether they have correctly assessed the situation. It is important to know that you are not alone in this. Many people often feel like they "don't belong" or are not accepted for who they are.

This can have an impact on our self-esteem or self-confidence. There are several ways to increase your self-confidence. Of course, it's easy to say not to care about the stares or certain comments, but in reality, this often does something to you.

What can you do to increase your self-confidence?

Therapy, despite its often negative connotation, can guide you in all kinds of questions you have about life. For example, you can also go to professional help with the question of increasing your self-confidence. Therapy consists of going through certain situations with you that are important to you and offering you a different view of these situations. is based on such interventions. It is an online program that you can follow daily from home to discover what would make you happy and what you can provide to make these "dreams" or wishes come true. For example, if your request revolves around increasing your self-confidence, it helps you identify daily what makes you happy and what you can provide day by day to get closer to this goal. Sign up today!