Stress is the illness of modern society, and few of us in this modern world escape it. That is why a stress test is needed so you can measure your stress and see if you suffer from negative stress.

Stress test test your positive stress

Luckily, stress can be healthy and a certain dose can be an important motor to realize fun things in your life. A healthy dosage of positive stress can be chosen above a boring life without any fun. In the stress test below you can see if your stress is positive, due to the green color. If your stress is mainly positive stress, the stress test will be colored green.

Stress test: test your negative stress

Negative stress developes when stress is long-term and to some extent starts to exhaust us in a chronic fashion. That is why it is important to find out about negative stress in its early stages, and to test with the help of a stress test whether or not you suffer from negative stress.

How to interpret the stress test?

In the stress test below by '', the pointers in the orange zone of your test results represent minor to severe negative stress, while the red zone really is an alarming zone of extremely negative stress.

How to use this stress test?

It is best to do the stress test today and, in a few weeks, evaluate again how your stress levels are. If you are still in the orange or red zone in the stress test after you measure for the second time, then you can follow a program such as the online self-help program '15Minutes4Me' or another program. You can discuss your developments during the program with your doctor. In this program you even receive a weekly development report which you can go through with your doctor.

Color your life green in the stress test

It is important to keep following the online self-help program '' until the stress test score is inside the green zone again. The zone of positive stress!

Do you suffer from stress? Test yourself online now!

If you want to test how high your level of stress is, you can test your own stress for free with our stress test!

Paul Koeck, MD