Terror and anxiety about terror seem to be very prominent subjects. It seems as though more and more people are anxious about being in public places. This anxiety can even worsen the anxiety which might have been there to begin with. Therefore, it is possible that the attacks that occurred in the past few weeks have triggered and intensified anxiety issues. What can you do about these anxiety symptoms? Are they justified? Should we really be anxious about going outside?

Is my anxiety about terror justified?

This, first of all, is a useful question to ask yourself. It can seem logical that the attacks in recent weeks increase your odds of becoming a victim of such attacks yourself. Despite these saddening occasions, chances that you are in fact to become a victim are very small. Of course it is good not to make any unnecessary trips when the government recommends you to stay inside. But, if there is no extra danger according to authorities, then it can be harmful to worry on a daily basis. It thus is useful to follow the advice given by the relevant authorities, but not to let anxiety make your decisions for you. Of course, this is easier said than done. It is not abnormal to experience certain anxiety issues or symptoms of anxiety as a result of the situations which have taken place in the past month. However, it is useful to get rid of these symptoms as early on as possible i they have an unpleasant influence on your daily life. Anxiety symptoms and anxiety about terror can namely have a severe influence on your daily functioning. This anxiety about terror can in its turn cause panic attacks and even depression.

Anxiety about terror: how do I get rid of my anxiety?

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